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Resort & Hotel Application

Configured through experience over many years, included are all the essential components that is required to Simply and Successfully Manage Organizations

  • Fault Logging

  • Checklist

  • Inventory

The First All in One Application to Simply and Successfully Manage Hotel and Resort Organizations

QR Code 

Room Identification QR Code


Email Integration Notification


SMS Integration Notification


Whatsapp Integration Notification


Reports and Dashboards

Hotel & Resort Benefits

  • Accurate and Complete Checklist that ensures highest quality experience for guests.

  • Easy to manage guest room / chalet Inventory System to ensure all amenities are provided and replenished.

  • Rapid reporting of maintenance and other issues , lowering turnover time of identified issues.

  • Key stats and issue tracing and tracking available to management to identify problem areas  via our BI and interactive dashboards.

  • Easily to understand and interact system low training required to use system.

  • Effective Communication with all issues to ensure rapid correction to all responsible parties via email and SMS, improving service delivery to clients/guests.

  • Unified access to information per room / section information using QR codes -  Outstanding Issues / Inventory.

  • Useable on any platform no need for specialist equipment can be operated from basic smartphone.

Enhanced Guest Experience

  • Easily and Rapidly report room issues.

  • Access to useful resort information - Menus, Activities, Experiences.

  • Easy communication to relevant departments enhancing stay and experience for guests.

Getting Excited? 

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