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Integrated Social Application

Social Responsibility is a core component of any mining company operating in the 21st century.


The challenge of most mining companies is to collate and integrate the many components that encompass the effective management of their social responsibility. It’s not a matter of not knowing what and how to manage this responsibility, but rather to have the ability to “finetune” efforts to maximise efficacy for all stakeholders.


Companies know the what and the how.

Social Responsibility 


Risk Assessment & Controls


Implementation Strategies


Monitor & Effectiviness


Dashboards & Reports

What is iSAPP?

iSAPP is an electronic software application that integrates all the various aspects and components required to effectively manage one’s social responsibility. A Management System to enable Executives and Managers tasked for responsible stakeholder partnership mining to have quick and real-time social performance overview for the day to day management and strategic social direction.

A real-time risk register (all stakeholders) is at the core of iSAPP and is surrounded by several other modules to risk gauges are current. These modules are | Stakeholder Engagements | Community Profiling and Demographics | Cultural Heritage | Vulnerability & Marginalised Groups and Individuals | Risk Controls (Social Plans / SLPs / CSIs / other) with KPIs and clear intended Outcomes | Incidents & Grievances | Monitoring and Audits | International Best Practice Review Elements | General Dashboards | Management Dashboards and Reports | Action Manager (track, notification and escalation) |, to enable an integrated system.

iSAPP is deployed at one of the largest opencast platinum producers in the world based in the Limpopo Province in South Africa, surrounded by some fifty communities within a 50km radius and several of these being doorstep communities.


iSAPP ensures alignment to the overarching principle of the PDCA model - “PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT” as embedded in international standards. The iSAPP modules is structured to enable the integration between the PDCA components to give you the edge in terms of compliance to similar international standards and best practice.

Getting Excited? 

Why iSAPP?

  • Social performance at your fingertips

  • Specific designed dashboards for quarterly social performance review – information well-structured to keep the process focused.

  • Don’t have to run around at quarter and year end to collate data from different sheets, power-point slides, departments and systems – one stop shop

  • Proactively identify social plans (risk controls) that are performing outside their intended scope and close gaps timeously.

  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined (KPIs) - RACI

  • Critical Control Monitoring

  • Realtime view on beneficiation and fairness

  • Social investment budget recon per, community / region / investment category / vulnerability / marginalization / impact / social plan category / Suitable for small and large enterprises

  • Roadmap to certification and measure against international best practice (ISO & IRMA)

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