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Getting Excited? 

Integrated Permitting Application

PERMS is an easy to use cloud-based permitting management system that allows organizations to systemize every step of the permitting process from acquisition to renewal.


The PERMS Application has been developed for all industries and caters for the Minimum Permit Requirements (MPR). 

Permits Environmental 
Risk Management


Baseline Risk Assessments


Active Risk 






Environmental Impact Assessment


Commitment & Conditions

Process Flow Diagram

Each process flow node will have it’s own Activities and Task. Within each nodes you will be able to assign the RACI (Occupations pre determined) to each activity and generate actions for each of the tasks associated with the activity. 

Causal Diagrams

Use the application’s interactive and transactional diagram functionality to build the potential causal path of any risk, whether operational / disaster / functional / strategic etc. 

Managerial Overview - Compliance

PERMS caters for comprehensive managerial reporting in the form of static reports and dashboards.

Comprehensive Permit Register

Once the correct category has been identified the Permit can be captured against that category and a link will be made between the two.

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